LESSON: How to get female boobs

Simple lessons to pass and be more femininie: Boobs! Often, biological women say to drag queens, "I wish I had boobs like yours!" Now you can!! This make-up tutorial by San Francisco drag entertainer Pollo Del Mar makes creating bra-busting cleavage easy. Female illusionists, drag queens or cross-dressers, follow these simple step-by-step instructions to create the illusion of having breasts. Or, ladies, use the toned [...]

LESSON: How to suck yourself

A self-service blowjob is just like masturbation, only better. This tutorial will go through of some very obvious but necessary steps in order to self-suck. This tutorial is also a testing purpose to create a larger learning system for sissies. To go through the course you must LOG IN and return Sources: http://www.collegesexadvice.com http://howtoselfsuck.tumblr.com http://hhhtheory.tripod.com/

6 Tips to ease into deepthroating

1. You’ve got to relax. If you’re nervous about it an uncertain then you won’t allow for the maximum “opening” of your throat. You’ll be tense and could very well chock. So take many deep breaths whenever you “come up for air” and relax! 2. Put yourself in positions that allow for the easiest throating possible. You want to straighten your mouth and throat to [...]

How to use a large dildo

The large length and girth can be very intimidating to those who are new to sex toys, but it can also be very pleasurable, satisfying you in a way no other dildo can. 1. Clean your dildo Even if you cleaned your large dildo the last time you used it or it's brand new, you should still give it a thorough wash in hot water [...]

Quick tip how to do your lips

Someone who is in a hurry and need a nice guide to make your lips look gorgeous. Its a good way to practise lip art at a professional level with this easy guide. Because slutty lips are not beautiful, everything must be in balance, then you can look like a true girl and attract beautiful cocked men

9 Sex positions for sissies

Usually most common position is doggy style among all girly girls. However there are more than one position to feel yourself in feminine manner. Variety is always sexy so try to change your pose whether you are alone with your toys or with you manfriend 1) The traditional missionary Although the missionary position is widely regarded as the big grey pants of sexual positions, it's [...]

8 steps how to remove your hair

Small introduction how to begin from the basics, the most important thing for sissification process. Removing body hair is easy if you view it as a routine and not "shaving" even though you use some kind of shaving equipment. There are three steps: preparation, shaving and after-care. Peparation: 1) If you have a lot of hair at first, try to trim it with something like [...]

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