1908, 2015

Nick is forcibly feminized by his dominating roommate Brian. Ch. 01

Nick will be forcibly feminized due to unpaid rent. Nick was right in the middle of a firefight in an online shooter when he heard a knock on his door. His roommate Brian stuck his head in. "Hey Nick. Rent's due tomorrow, make sure you have it for me." Oh shit, Nick thought to himself. [...]

2505, 2015

Down the Path

Quite harsh story of very submissive sissy. In this story there will be alot of humiliation, total submission, BDSM, pain etc. As you know the saying: no pain, no gain. Hope you enjoy it! I hear the knocking on the door. Have my panties on under my shorts and tshirt. Nervously open the door and [...]

2404, 2015

A slut awakens

The day began like any other; I woke up, showered, wrapped my towel around myself and sat down to begin applying my makeup. I stared at myself shocked at the transformations I had undergone the past few weeks, my beautiful feminine body so smooth and curvy it could put even the most finely molded hourglass [...]

3003, 2015

Give 5 reason why you want to suck his cock

Very encourageing story of one lucky sissy crossdresser by marissacd "Not so fast, sweetie." Miss Rebecca's admonition stopped me in mid-crawl, halfway toward where Rob sat, naked, with his legs splayed and his beautiful tumescent cock beckoning. Having just pleasured her, and tasted the love left by her husband, my second helping of his cum [...]

1603, 2015

Didnt ask didnt tell – Shemale story

Little different story for the collection: Shemale edition In my younger days, Saturday Night was either date night or barhopping night. In either case my goal was to get laid. I was a good-looking guy and often succeeded. Tonight was a barhopping night. I left my place around ten, and stopped at a few of [...]

803, 2015

Ashley’s Good-Bye Kiss by PrincessDickLover

Best story I've read for ages. I really like it and wanted to share it here. Erick walked through the front door into an empty house… again. “Sasha must be out late with her girlfriends,” he lied to himself for the third time this week. He and Sasha had been together almost five months now [...]

203, 2015

My moms boyfriend is my sissy

He seemed like a slut to begin with, who knew he really was. Divorce often times traumatizes the children, but in my case, it set me free from all their arguments. Dad signed the papers and walked out the door on my seventeenth birthday; it was the best present he could have ever given me. [...]

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